Bunnies for Adoption

We do bunny rescue, and occasionally breed a litter for ourselves and selected show/fiber homes. You will find any bunny that is currently looking for a new home listed here.

I am currently taking names for waiting lists for the following litters. Once the babies are 4 weeks old, photos will be posted, and people will be allowed to pick bunnies based on their position on the waiting list, at that time, I’ll ask a deposit for 50% of the sales price to hold the bunny till 12 weeks of age. Bunnies will be ready to be rehomed at a minimum of  9-10 weeks of age. For more information, or to answer any questions please email me

Lizzie’s Magnificent 7. You can see how some are turning into coppers, some chestnuts (the darker), and of course, the little chocolate. Eyes and ears are just opening. In another week, individual photos will be posted of each baby.

Litters expected spring 2013:

Lizzie X Pete
Litter BORN! 1/3/13
Ready to go 3/8/13

7 bouncing baby bunnies! All look to be chestnut, copper, or chocolate agouti

Wait list:

1 -Oceanside Angoras
2 -Oceanside Angoras
3 -Beth
4 -Beth
5 -Keisch – TOP SHOW
6 -Elizabeth
7 -Elizabeth
Fiber Bunny Info: These bunnies come from parents who possess beautiful sheen, depth of color, and coat quantity. In Pete’s first molt, he gave me over an ounce of prime wool! Lizzie’s fiber has beautiful sheen, and she produces babies with beautiful coats as well. They will be handled daily, and used to brushing by the time they leave here.

Show bunny info: This litter is linebred on Jailbird’s Lou, winner of BOB at the 2009 Convention. Lizzie is a double Lou Granddaughter, whose mother Irish Rose Louise was a RIS winner. In limited showing, Lizzie herself has 3 Grand Champion legs. Her first few litters with her breeder Anne Ott, produced rabbits who have been sold all over the country to other breeders, and are consistently winning in those locations too.

A waiting list is being developed, Email me to have your name placed on this list.

Planned for 2013:

Expected early/mid April

Sabrina X Pete
Princessa X Hershey

**All of our bunnies, come with a 2 week supply of transition food, a care guide, information on spinning angora, and lifetime support for any questions.**


3 comments on “Bunnies for Adoption

  1. keisch berrey says:

    iam looking into starting a little satin bunny farm. do you have any kits or will you be breeding any time in the near future? or do you have any older satins for sale/adoption?
    look forward to hearing back from you,
    happy holidays,
    keisch berrey

  2. Jessie says:

    Hi, I was wanting an English Angora, preferably REW, because I was wanting to use the wool for spinning into yarn. So I would like to know if you would happen to have any English Angoras for sale or if you might be expecting any anytime in the near or distant furture. This would be very helpful in my search 🙂 thanks.

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