We are located in the shade of the evergreens where the cool ocean breezes blow in Washington State. We love it here, and so do the bunnies. The cool weather is perfect for Angoras and their heavy coats. It is mild enough they can enjoy the outdoor weather year round without fear of being too hot, or too cold.

Our bunnies are first and foremost pets, who get the best food and care we can provide. Occasionally they take a trip to a rabbit show, or to an education day but most days are spent exploring our lakeside acre in their ‘bunny tractors’ and evenings in their snug safe cages. This is the closest to a natural environment I can provide them while keeping them safe from predators and danger.

All of my rabbits are fed free choice locally grown orchard grass hay, high quality pellets, and veggies (ideally from the garden!).  I feel like us, our rabbits, and our gardens form a circle. I feed and care for the rabbits and they provide me with endless enjoyment, and fiber. In addition, their bunny berry fertilizer feeds the garden, and it in turn nourishes both them and myself. I can’t imagine a more perfect relationship.




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