New Web Page For Oceanside Angoras

New Web Page For Oceanside Angoras

I have been working on a website for the Angoras. Feel free to check it out. I’ll be adding a lot more information on Angoras, and rabbits in general. Of course I’ll keep updating the blog :).



We Have Eyes!

Look at us! Overnight we changed from little helpless bunnies to bunnies for real! 2 of us are still available to fiber or show homes. It looks like we have 3 coppers, 2 chestnut agoutis, 1 chocolate agouti, and one who hasn’t decided whether he is copper or chestnut yet 🙂Image



Sabrina is all grown up, and starting to get ready to go to her first rabbit show. We will see what she thinks of the life of a show rabbit, her favorite thing is post grooming treats, not getting groomed!



Lizzie and Pete had babies on Jan 3rd. Here they are, at about 5 days old. You’d think it would be easy to get photos of baby bunnies, but believe it or not they’re wiggly! In a week or so though, the fun begins, and I’ll start posting weekly updates and individual photos as well.

Yarny New Year!

While the bunnies munched their celebratory carrots, I spent some time spinning yarn, and taking photos of the resulting labor of love. Nothing spins quite like angora, and nothing GLOWS like Satin Angoras!

Left to right: Laurel, Albus, Princessa, and Pete!

Look at the glow of the last 2! I love the color of Pete. All of these are Navajo plied, 100% angora. All are for sale. My angora is priced at .40/yard as handspun. Email me for more info!