We Have Eyes!

Look at us! Overnight we changed from little helpless bunnies to bunnies for real! 2 of us are still available to fiber or show homes. It looks like we have 3 coppers, 2 chestnut agoutis, 1 chocolate agouti, and one who hasn’t decided whether he is copper or chestnut yet 🙂Image



Sabrina is all grown up, and starting to get ready to go to her first rabbit show. We will see what she thinks of the life of a show rabbit, her favorite thing is post grooming treats, not getting groomed!



Lizzie and Pete had babies on Jan 3rd. Here they are, at about 5 days old. You’d think it would be easy to get photos of baby bunnies, but believe it or not they’re wiggly! In a week or so though, the fun begins, and I’ll start posting weekly updates and individual photos as well.

Yarny New Year!

While the bunnies munched their celebratory carrots, I spent some time spinning yarn, and taking photos of the resulting labor of love. Nothing spins quite like angora, and nothing GLOWS like Satin Angoras!

Left to right: Laurel, Albus, Princessa, and Pete!

Look at the glow of the last 2! I love the color of Pete. All of these are Navajo plied, 100% angora. All are for sale. My angora is priced at .40/yard as handspun. Email me for more info!

Meet Pete

Pete is my Copper Satin Angora buck.

When he came here, he was the runt of the litter, scrawny and in need of some TLC. You’d never know that to meet him now. He’s the king of his cage, and the the most opinionated rabbit on the place. He loves treats, he loves his wood shelf and his chewy block. Pete however hates to be posed, I doubt  you’ll ever see a posed picture of this boy!

Pete possesses a beautiful dense wool coat. I snapped a picture of him today, without grooming, since I know his coat is about to molt. What a pretty boy!